Cf Compagnie fiduciaire

CF Révision Vaud SA in a few words...

Fiduciaire Mugny SA is an auditing company set up in 2018 by two founders.

This entity is backed by the experience of experienced professionals who have been present in the canton of Vaud for many years in order to offer high-quality auditing and advisory services to their regional clients.


Our company is registered as licensed audit expert by Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA n° 505 259).


Our clients are legal or physical persons involved in several activities, economic areas with various sizes. Our clients are well representative of Vaud economic sector.


All services delivered by Fiduciaire Mugny SA are always realized under the supervision of a manager.

Our core services

With a dedicated and efficient team, the company offer high quality services to its customers in external auditing.

The philosophy of work remains the same than in CF Compagnie fiduciaire de révision SA, the same quality criteria in audit work and communication are applied to its client.



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