Cf Compagnie fiduciaire

CF Compagnie fiduciaire de révision sa in a few words...

Incorporated in January 1991, the company is based in Geneva.
Our entity is focused on external auditing activities.


CF Compagnie fiduciaire de révision sa is registered as an Audit Company under state supervision by Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA n° 505077). It is also accredited for AML auditing with main Self-Regulatory Organisations (SRO) and with FINMA.

CF Compagnie fiduciaire de révision sa and its management are registered with Expert Suisse and Fiduciaire Suisse.


We are auditor for statutory and voluntary audit under audit and limited review standards.

The plurality of clients’ activities and sizes lead us to perform audit for various stakeholders (small, medium-sized or global companies) and various sectors (wealth management, industry, services, restaurants, etc.) with financial statements and accounting standards such as swiss commercial law (CO), RPC or international standards.

Regarding AML auditing activities, our clients are financial intermediaries mostly actives in wealth management, fiduciary activities or money transfer.


All services delivered by CF Compagnie fiduciaire de révision sa are always realized under the supervision of a partner.

6 team members are involved in auditing services, all of them are accredited by the FAOA (4 licensed audit expert and 2 licensed auditor). This high level of competencies ensure a high quality in auditing but also a stability of our staff and direct and constructive discussions with our clients.

Our core services

An efficient and qualified team offer to our local and international clients audit works of a high level of quality and suitable with your needs.

Our philosophy of work is focused on a clear and direct communication with our clients. Our auditors are sustainably linked with your mandate and capitalize the experience shared with the client. Our staff undertakes continuing education in order to also be in touch with changes in accounting, law and tax.

The audit standards used are based on Swiss Auditing Standards issued by Expert Suisse, but also on international standards published by IASB.

As licensed audit expert, licensed auditors and audit firm under state supervision, we are regulated by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA).

FAOA is an independent organization, its board is directly appointed by the Federal Council. This organization grant agreement to auditor based on strict conditions and supervision.




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