Cf Compagnie fiduciaire

CF Audit & Compliance SA in a few words...


CF Audit & Compliance SA is registered as a Licensed Audit Expert Company by Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA n° 505 113). It is also accredited for AML auditing with main Self-Regulatory Organisations (SRO).

Regarding statutory audit, we are auditor for statutory and voluntary audit under audit and limited review standards.

In accordance with new regulations LEFin / LSFin, our entity will be registered as external auditor for Supervisory Body for the SB accredited in the future by the FINMA.


Our clients represent the typical landscape of financial intermediaries in Switzerland and they are mostly active in wealth management, fiduciary / family office, trust company and money transfer activities.

Our core services

The lastest creation in our group, this entity represents the successfully merger with GFC Audit & Compliance SA, created in 2015. This partnership allows us to reinforce our position as a major partner in AML auditing for the Romand place and to get new competencies and a recognised know-how.

Our entity offers services for statutory and AML auditing for all the financial intermediaries active in Switzerland (Independent Wealth Manager, money transfer, fiduciary companies, trustees,…) thanks to the experiences and to the competencies acquired by our team and by the group CF Compagnie fiduciaire.



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