Cf Compagnie fiduciaire du Léman sa in a few words…

This entity has been created in 2013 in order to bring us closer to our clients in Vaud. According to this will of local inking our company offers traditional fiduciary services with the assistance and competencies of CF Compagnie fiduciaire group.


All employees have a lot of experiences and they have developed specific competencies in their domain, in accounting, tax, wages and company’s management.


Our clients

Our clients are mainly economic stakeholders in Vaud Canton as independent, small and medium sized entities or more significant companies active in services and industry.

Physical persons are also assisted by our company for the assistance in tax declaration and specific tax advices.

Our core services

Cf Compagnie fiduciaire du Léman sa has a direct contract with its customers in Vaud. The company is assisted with all the competencies available in CF Compagnie fiduciaire group in order to offer a large set of services to its clients.

Our core services


Administrative tasks

General accounting

Account receivables accounting

Account payables accounting

Securities accounting

Financial statements establishment

Wages and social charges management

Withholding tax treatment

Tax services

Tax statement for physical person

Tax statement for legal person

Real estate taxes

Tax and wealth planning

Advice and assistance for VAT

Tax ruling

Management advice for companies

Incorporation of company, start-up

Budget, business plans

Financial planning

Company financial consolidation, liquidations

Real estate services

Donations, inheritance, trusts

Family office management

Business valuation

Legal adress

Director mandates

Testamentary executor